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We're Losing Another Rap Generation....

Posted on 11 December, 2019 at 13:48
So, this it the title that fronts the headline for yet another young life in the rap industry lost. Be it through being murdered, commiting murder, drugs or other kind of violence.

What is it with the youth culture and rap, of today, that exploits and highlights such acts? It's like the new rap, is R.A.P = React and Pay.....Pay with you life. Be it your life behind bars or the killing of someone "spitting bars", or the use of bars, knives and guns....

So many lives lost and destroyed, not to mention the loved ones and families also left with the destructing pain of dealing with the aftermath.

I don't want to name, names, but I'm sure many will know of so many who have recently become victim of this R.A.P culture that is spreading at an alarming rate, quicker than the wind itself.

There are so many Rap artists out there, who are deep rooted and all about the love and peace, not the violence. Again, no names mentioned.

Seriously, what is the purpose behind it all? Why so much lack of respect for life and love itself? Why so young, yet fuelled with this hatred and passion for volumanising violence? It's not meant to be this way.

I know rap, gang culture and violence seem to go hand in hand and most see it as always being that way? But no. Take the stand, and use this platform, which is so highly followed by influential and vulnerable youngsters to educate and put them on the right path, of peace, love and unity, within a community and not one of this so-called post code territory.

It's not even a case of, what's your name, but where you're from? And if your post code isn't right, then just like undelivered mail, your life is unlikely to see or be delivered to the next day....

Music and life, is the soul. It's the butter that's put on the bread of love. It's not meant to be this sweat and sour, hate or leave it (be killed) etc.

Youngsters need guidance, but they're being guided by the young and unwise.....

Knife crime, gun crime, drug crime, manipulative crime, hate crime, jealous crime, greed crime, want crime, intimidated crime, protection crime and so on, it's all crime. And lets not forget the systematically crime, because the system also plays a huge role in what's going on and what can be prevented. Now that's getting into the politics and governing bodies involved. With all their cuts and abandonment, thier preferancial treatment of certain cultures, the education system of the less fortunate and the youngsters who may need that little extra help, the way society stereotypes certain cultures, the slavery of colour and beliefs, it all plays a part.....

In life, we need to start using music and song for more positive and educating purposes. This is a goal and aim of mine for 2020 and the New Year ahead.

How is it, nations can come together for sporting events, music events and so on, and see no colour etc amongst the crowd? Cause we're all there as one, One Nation. Remember or know that song?

I really could go on, but come on, just spread the word, spread the love and let the sweet sound and uplifting, guiding, loving and peaceful tones of harmony through the music and songs, bring us together.

Much Love and Blessings.

Categories: Dr LK's Corner

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