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New Album to be unleashed in 2019

Posted on 4 August, 2018 at 16:12
Blessings to all, old n new, past n present.

Dr LK here, the music train is in the station and it's boarding new material, full of passengers seated in the music and songs carriages. A new album will be unleashed, released and ready to land in 2019. Containing a mixture of styles that have been bouncing around my head. Diversity is the key to this new album.

So once again, music is life and songs are the air that breathes life into music. A language for all, the genre's are spread widely across the tones and styles we embrace.

I still have a great passion for working with various music producers, the challenge of writing songs to their production tracks and hearing the end project. As I've always claimed my style and the songs I write isn't for all, you either love or hate it, but music is one of lifes pleasures I treasure.

I strongly believe if you have a true passion and love for something in life, then you should pursue it, build and chase after those dreams in life. If you put your heart and soul into it, then that in itself will be a satisfying reward. Don't chase after trying to please others or have others appreciate and love what you do on the same level as you do. If that happens then that's another bonus.

In life, it's not just music and song, but there are many aspects where you can face dissapointment for something you love doing.

Each of the songs and music I put togther, I put my heart, soul and feelings into them, whether the song refers to a personal experience or that of someone else.

This will be my 4th album, and the exciting thing for me is that even I'm not sure what or how the end product will sound. But in these early stages I'm loving the song diversity that I'm laying down. Reggae, Dancehall, Club, Hip Hop\Rap & RnB infused music, coming together as one.

Life is out there to live and I'm sure many of you are doing just that. It's so easy in life to be held back, or to make hard sacrifices along the way, but life is life and we have to embrace it.

I hope the new album will reach out to some and you're able to enjoy and relate to it in your own way, in different aspects of your life.

I've also been re-recording some songs that I have pre-released or never released, so may be releasing a little EP in the meantime.

Be sure to link up with my various social media networks to be kept upto date.

Love Music, Love Song, Love life & Love Yourself.

#TeamDrLK #Lovelife #Livethedream #Knowyourworth #Bestrong #Staystrong #Negativityispositivity #Makeithappen #Setyourgoals #Liveyourdream #Theskyisthelimit #Neverbackdown #Haters #Musicfans #Loveformusic #BlessnLove #Onelove #Wearewhoweare #myroommyrules

Bless N Love

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