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Judge Not, The Universe is our God

Posted on 10 November, 2016 at 15:42
"Judge Not"

The Universe is our home, our God and it's where we belong and wence we came.??

In life, people are afraid of the dark, but it's the dark that shines and shed so much light on our lives and existence. We fear the dark, as much as we fear the unknown.??

Our existence, The Universe, it's our birth-place, our creation. No matter your colour, creed, religion or beliefs, The Universe was here long before us.??Scientist have spent decades trying to understand it and they portray and translate their findings in a way humans can understand and comprehend.

Why, because scientist ARE humans, they are not or don't hold the true answers. Yes, so-called science has given understanding to us, but only because they're human.??  They use terms such as 'light' years away, when discovering planets, solar systems or stars. So like I said, "it's the dark that shines and shed so much LIGHT on our lives and existence".

As humans, can you seriously comprehend The Universe is so vast? Do you seriously think we're the ONLY ones in-habiting The Universe? If so, then we are truly the real freaks of nature.??

The majority of humans are compatriots to the realms of science, but so many still fall to the Kingdom of the Naive.??  We as humans, fear the unknown. And not just what we don't understand about our existence in life, our creation, our meaning and purpose in life. But how many of you have sat a test or exam and not been sure of the answer or not had a clue? Have you not feared the outcome of this???.  You may use a different term or word, but it's fear all the same.??

Ok, lets touch on religion and beliefs etc. And for arguments sake I'll use the term 'God'. As no matter what your faith is or where your religion lies, belivers believe in a Higher State, an Entity a Saviour or Saviours. ??  And I will quote "In the beginning, so it shall be in the end".??  Who's to say who's religion or belief, God, Gods, Jah, Allah or Saviour, Saviours, is Gospel?  The most important thing is, first, to respect anothers belief, and secondly, to believe and know The Universe came along long before man, it is the Higher State and "So it is written".??

As humans, we put our faith in humans? REALLY? WHY?  When humans came along long after the universe was formed.??  We have Politicians, Kings and Queens, Laws and Rules,  but who's at the healm of these? Is it not humans??

So as a species, a race, are we not truly weak, as we need to depend on or rely on a few individuals placed in power only to rule, bully and govern the weak???  We class or call ourselves a superior existence? We strive and preach for stability, equalness, respect and love? Yet all we want to do as a nation amongst nations is to destroy each other???

It shouldn't matter if you're black, white, hispanic, caucasian, hindu, muslim, or whatever your beliefs or religion.??  Know this, The Universe started as ONE. Yet here is mankind wanting and determined to bring divide amongst and destroy Mother Earth.??  Excuse the term, but, what has given any of us the God given right or authority to do so???  And I'll end with the simplest yet most powerful message "where is the love"?????? 

Judge Not.

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