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Dr LK aka Lincoln Kennedy

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Music Has Got Me Hooked

Posted on 5 August, 2015 at 17:53

So, it's true....Music Has Got Me Hooked

So hooked it's more than in my bloodstream. So hooked, music and song is the air that I breathe. It doesn't matter how good, how bad or even how much I entertain and inspire others with the songs I write and collaborate to, music and song is just my heart and soul, my life.

You can truly get lost in music, it's like a maze of songs, with only an entry point but no exit. But you don't mind, as your happy to explore and get lost in the depths of music.

For some people who write, record and perform songs, it's all about the success it can bring them. But for me, Dr LK, I can say it's truly all about the passion and the love I have for music and song. I have no claim to fame or success in that regard or on the level so many others have attained with their music projects and career, but I so love what I do.

Working with various producers material from around the globe, facing the different challenges of what it takes to write and record to different styles and genre's of music, the end result being a complete song, a piece of music you can say you've had a part in completing.

The music albums I've recorded and released, is all about that self satisfaction and personal reward. To rise above the haters, the negative vibes and even the lack of interest from friends, family and the general public, in what you do.

Life is a chaser, you have to chase. Life is like music, with every tone, there's a different beat. Each unique in it's own merit.

This is me,Dr LK aka Lincoln Kennedy, unique in my own merit when it comes to music and song.

Whatever you're doing in life, wherever you're going, whatever you'd love to achieve, so long as it's morally right, do it with love and passion.

Success comes from within, no matter what anyone else tells you or have you believe.

I'm an independent artist, doing things the independent way, as I continue to get lost in music and song. When will I find the exit to this maze of pure music with songs from all cultures and corners of this globe? When it's my turn to depart from this world we call planet earth. Until then, both music and song is my life.

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