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Home Cooking and Music

Posted on 5 July, 2015 at 13:51 Comments comments (0)
Home Cooking and Music

So, I'm in the kitchen doing some home cooking and listening to music. Then my mind runs on the last time I went out to have a meal. Now eating out provides a different atmosphere to home cooking, as your waited upon, there's also music playing as well, and of course depending where you go you have various changes of scenery.

So what makes home cooking and in-house dining so special and rewarding when you're personally preparing food? Well for me home cooking a meal is a personal affair. One where you personally put the love and time into the dishes and meals you're preparing. It also gives you that added challenge of experimenting and trying something new. Also, playing the music of your choice in the background is great company when you're home cooking a meal, as you're guaranteed to be playing music, where the songs you hear adds that extra spice, so to speak, to whatever food you're cooking.

Dining out is a nice treat too, don't get me wrong, but does it give you the same self-satisfaction etc as when you're home cooking food and swaying to music in the private surroundings of your own kitchen? Not only that, but when you are home cooking and preparing meals at home, you know exactly what is going into the dish and also how hygienically it has been prepared etc.

So I guess when you're dining out, you also need to have that level of trust with whichever estabishment is preparing your food.

Music, song and food, it's quite a perfect combination of a dish in itself don't you think?

When I'm home cooking, I don't tend to follow any specific recipe or menu, I simply experiment and just throw random herbs and spices together and see what the final outcome will be. Guess it's a little game of hit and miss, but you know, it's the best way to learn when you're starting out in home cooking and preparing your own food and meals, or even if you're a professional at it, random is good.

I feel that listening to music and songs that I like is like food etc. Helping to relax the mood and take the stress out of home cooking, allowing you to just go with the flow and almost forget how long it can take to prepare a meal.

Uhmmmm a thought just crossed my mind in the sense of, just how much music and songs are out there that actually relate to food and the home cooking lifestyle. A few spring to mind.

Also, when you are doing some home cooking, be it for yourself or guest or a partner, it gives you that extra intimate and personal atmosphere, which ok I suppose you can get when you're dining out, but still, it's not quite the same.

The love of home cooking is so passionate you need that passion for it, for you to feel that self rewarding achievement for the food and meal you're about to prepare. Home cooking is not something we should look at like a chore, but more of a gift/skill.

And with your favourite music and songs playing in the background, you can have a little dance along the way, as you toss the ingredients around here and there, progressing through the preparation stages as your meal comes alive.

So for those who know me better, will know I love to play around with chicken dishes when I'm home cooking a meal. I've also got a thing about putting things in whole, you know no chopping up etc. Especially when I'm using ingredients such as mushrooms etc, just wash a fling them in. Same with peppers, I'll generally just slice them a few times and throw huge chunks in.

So, here's two questions for you :-

What do you like about home cooking the most?

Do you find that listening to music and your favourite songs helps the mood and atmosphere in the kitchen?

OK, lets have one more.... What do you dislike about home cooking?

Enjoy your week ahead all and remember, Home Cooking and Music is a fine recipe for every household.


Wolf Whistling (Women)

Posted on 3 May, 2015 at 6:51 Comments comments (1)
Wolf Whistling

After hearing on the news and reading various articles on the subject of wolf whistling, I thought I'd share my views on the matter/subject.

I personally for one, won't and have never wolf whistled any female. If I see a woman who I believe looks nice etc, I'll simply tell her. Be it the clothes she's wearing or her actual physical appearance, I'll let her know in a few polite complimentary choice of words, during that brief moment our paths cross.
Whenever I've done this, I've always got a polite smile of appreciation or a simple thank you from the person and then we're both on our way never to see each other again.

I don't want to get into the argument if wolf whistling is wrong or right, offensive or not. I can only speak from my own personal views and say for me, it's a little like whistling your dog when you're out taking it for a walk and it's ran off or simply lagging behind you and you want it to catch up. You'll whistle etc for it to catch up/come back.

And also when I've heard men being nasty to a woman and calling her names etc, it's things like you ugly dog or you're an ugly dog anyway or even using the word bitch, which is also a term for a female dog etc. So in a those short burst of whistling etc, is kinda connected to dogs etc.

Like I keep saying, just my personal views, and I don't think wolf whistling is a gentlemanly thing to do.

Yes, there are some, maybe many women who do like it. But what we have to remember is we're ALL different. What may offend one person, is sure not to offend another.

Did this woman have the right to call the police and report it etc cause she personally felt offended by the wolf whistling? Yes she did. Why? because she did feel insulted and it was her right to do so. I'm sure if others felt insulted/offended/
uncomfortable etc etc by repeating occurances, then they'd too make some kind of protest in their defence to air their disapproval on what ever the matter involved was about.

And lets flip the coin here to tell the other side of the story. Over the years, I've had women/girls wolf whistling me. Did it offend me? No it didn't, but like I said we're all different and it's all about respecting someones feelings.

The police were right in letting their employer deal with the matter and not to take the action further themselves, as I personally believe too that wolf whistling is not something that should be viewed as a criminal offence. If after the employer speaks to the men involved and they were to continue doing it, knowing it is causing offence or making someone uncomfortable, then yes, at that point they should be talked to by someone from the relevant authorities.

So to cap off my personal views, there's many ways (even in the briefest of encouters) to let a woman know she looks nice, other than wolf whistling.


Dangerous Dogs & Children

Posted on 10 December, 2014 at 13:26 Comments comments (0)
Dangerous dogs attacking and killing children and babies.

So many times this is occurring, we hear it so often, where dangerous dogs and banned breeds kill, maimes and attack young children and babies.

I personally believe both the police and the RSPCA and other authorities are not doing enough. Each and every time such a breed of dangerous dogs is spotted or a breed that looks like a banned breed etc, then the person walking it should be questioned, the dog should be seized for testing, and even if found to be negative, it should be placed under some kind of order etc.

Also with no disrespect to any family that has lost a child through the jaws of a dog, but, they too need to take more responsibility when owning certain breeds of dog, banned or not, dangerous or placid, to be extra careful and vigilant when there are youngsters in the house.

In one of the most recent attacks by a dangerous dog, this dog is a VERY POWERFUL dog, so why on earth did the owner think a speaker and a golf stand would restrain it or keep it in the kitchen if it was determined to get out. The dog knew exactly where it's prey was, in this case a baby, and what it's intentions were. And another point, now I'm not saying there's a link, but if the house was full of drugs and cannabis plants and there was a strong smell, what's to say the aroma in the air didn't affect this dogs behaviour or any other dog that attacks in such a way.

Lets be honest here, we all know that a certain type/class of people own a certain/type of dog/s. If you have small or young children and keep/own certain breeds of dog (or any dog for that matter), under NO CIRCUMSTANCES must that dog be left alone in the vacinity of the child or baby in an environment where it could get at the child.

How many more deaths of children and babies, or maulings of children need to happen at the jaws of dangerous dogs, be them a banned breed of dog or not, before common sense prevails?

My heart goes out to the poor little girl to have died such a horrific death.

Also if the vet were aware of it's aggression, not to mention to the woman who had her cat killed by this same dog, then why didn't the vet report this dogs behaviour to the relevant authorities or the police themselves. Why does it take the death of an innocent human being before people start speaking out?

It's ok thinking or believing the dog you own is not a dangerous dog or a banned breed, but IT'S KNOWING that it isn't or could never be that matters. And what better way to be sure, than to make sure a dog of any breed is never left alone with a young child or baby.

Fitness Training & Exercise

Posted on 27 January, 2014 at 15:18 Comments comments (7)
Hey All,

Well I just wanted to tap into the whole Fitness Training and Exercise regime. Aside from music, which I love and have a great passion for. I'm also trying to keep up with all the fitness training and exercise advice, goals and programs out there. As keeping fit is an important part of our lives that so many either neglect, don't do enough, are pushed for time, or a little like me, get confused when you read or follow too much into it.

There's just so many different avenues, professionals, advisers and programs when it comes to fitness training and exercise, that they eventually contradict one an other at some point. One fitness program will advise you to do this, whereas another training program will advise you to do the opposite, then you have those in the middle that just leave you dangling with confusion.

Well my personal advise or take on the whole fitness training and exercise world is simply that, we are all different. Ok yes, it's good to know and read the basis, the foundation of keeping fit and how you train and exercise, but you have to remember you're an individual and what may work for person A in their fitness and training exercise, may well not work for person B and so on.

So when it comes to fitness training and exercise, I simply do what my body feels comfortable with. It really is all about knowing your limits and of course some basic common sense. I mean if your diet and nutrition consist of fatty greasy chips and mounds of chocolate, crisp and sugary snacks, then obviously the results will speak for themselves when it comes to achieving your fitness training and exercising goals.

Another point is that if you're sticking to one certain fitness and training program and not seeing the results you want, then there's a good chance the program is not suited to you and your bodies genetic make up, which in turn will just leave you frustrated. So, switch up and try another form of exercise and fitness training. But saying that, you also need patience, so I'm not saying to switch up and change after only a few weeks etc. Another important factor when it comes to fitness training and exercise to to be discipline and consistent. This is something where I've personally failed in the past, but getting to grips with it now. Just as I am with my nutrition and what I eat and drink and in what volumes.

It is true that to achieve your fitness and exercise goals, you have to watch your nutrition and what you feed your body.

Uhmmm and another point I'd like to point out. When you see these trim, fine, toned and muscle refined bodies of people giving out the advice and plugging their fitness training and exercise goals, remember, they did not get there overnight.

Now I'm sure many have heard of high intensity training and exercise, when it comes to shedding those pounds and body fat at an alarming rate. Well yes, these do work and have been proven to work, but again like I've said, remember we're all different individuals, so in order to participate in this kind of fitness and training exercise regime, you first and foremost need to have a pretty good level of cardio fitness already. As if you don't you will end up doing yourself more harm than good if you're not careful.

I've tailored my own personal fitness and exercise training on the basis of what rate I know my body can handle. Yes I do push myself when exercising, but I know my limits and know when to stop. That's why hand on heart (touch wood/top of my head), I've not sustained any injuries while exercising. Also as hard as it was in the start, I've curbed my eating and nutrition habits to further enrich the results I get from my fitness training and exercise. Oh and another important factor where I use to fail, is rest, as in sleep. I just couldn't discipline myself enough to get that all important sleep and rest, as I was a bit of a night owl staying up late or working late. But all in all I'm winning the battle and not so confused by all the varying and various articles, information, advice, professionals and programs when it comes to fitness training and exercise.

To keep fit. I simply follow what I'm personally comfortable with. If I wanted to push beyond my personal limits I'd have joined the army. So bottom line, I'm happy with where I'm at and the results I'm getting and seeing. And I'm less confused and frustrated by the maze and pitfalls should I say when it comes to fitness exercise and training.

Oh one more important personal belief of mine. Keep it natural, as in what you fuel your body with.

That's all from me on this topic of Fitness Training and Exercise.

Keep Fit all but do it safely and wisely.


So Where Have I Been???

Posted on 14 October, 2012 at 0:20 Comments comments (0)
How you all doing out there in this World Wide Web of entertainment & life?

For me it's been a bit of a game of snakes and ladders or even cat and mouse, if you get my drift. So over the last couple of years I've kinda been simmering on a low flame while putting together these albums. You know a little like putting a stew in a slow cooker, adding the ingredients and just letting the flavours slowly come to life.

Dr LK, Independent Artist for R&B, Club, Rap & Rock Music
And here we are, 2012 and the dish is complete and ready to be served up to all of you. It's a bit of an acquired taste, so when you get chance come grab yourself a little slice. There's plenty more for you to come back for if it suits you palette. Each album contains a total of 20 songs, a menu of songs that may not cater for all, but hey that's what dining out is all about :). We pick out the best places etc. You never know, you may well become accustomed to all 3 albums and the songs they contain. Maybe I'll be even lucky to the odd recommendation to your friends or across your social networls :).

It's been an enlightening, challenging, rewarding, emotional, tiring, exciting. intriguing and breath taking journey working on these albums. Guess what? I loved every moment of it and look forward to the rest. Music is most definitely a language we all understand and can relate to. Music is one of the few elements in life we can rely on, no matter what. And for me, music and song is almost like the air I breathe, I inhale in deeply as it fuels me with energy.

Dr L.K, aka Lincoln Kennedy. Music songs for R&B - Club lovers

I've even re-started some of my social links again from scratch, so why not pass by either Facebook or Twitter and introduce yourselves. Be Suave to hear from you, be you past, present, new and hey even future fans of the Dr LK journey.

I hope whatever dreams, goals and aims you've set in your lives, that you continue to pursue them, no matter the obstacles you face, strive on. The most important thing or advice I can give is that you'll never fail. So long as you know within yourself that you've given it your all, your best shot and undivided attention and commitment, then that's a victory in itself. Even if you're not where you'd like to be or hoped to be, giving something your all is success. And that my friends is how to cross over those borders in life.

Much Respect ALL