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What does the year 2020 hold for you?....

Posted on 20 December, 2019 at 18:02 Comments comments (0)

The Year 2020

It's soon to be a New Year.

So, I'm truly interested in hearing and knowing what 2020 holds for you, or what plans & goals you may have set yourself, or what you want or hope to achieve?

For me, well it's to expand and explore the bounderies I accomplished in 2019. I'd set myself various challenges and goals for 2019. Some of which I achieved, some of which I shall carry on into the year 2020.

You know, a little like holidays you're entitled to at work. For some, the ones you do no use up in the current year, you can carry forward.

And under the same premise, for the ones where you're not allowed to carry holidays forward to the next year, well that's opportunites missed.

Which brings me to the point of, never waste an opportunity. To always seize the moment, grasp it, focus on it and execute it with determination and passion.

So, for me, one of the aspects I'll be challenging in 2020 is my music and songs. To continue to work on my craft, to continue to work outside of the box and not fit in with the stereotypical normality of what is around in the music industry. To continue to be challenged to work in genre's that may not be suitable to me or in my comfort zone.

For, if you stay within that comfort zone and stay with the parallel level of normality or what is expected, then how are you challenging yourself?

I enjoy working, writing and recording songs in various styles and genre's of music. The producers I come across range so much.

I'm no perfectionist and have many flaws, but I'm not here to fit in or please others, in that respect.

There are so many levels and standards in music and the songs that are written. It's almost like languages, you have an individual who is multi-lingual, can speak in many languages. Well my aim is to be multi-musical, in the sense I will write and record songs to many different styles, and I'll have a go at performing them myself. For that is who I am.

I've been asked so many times, who influences me, which artists out there I'd compare myself too, sound like or fit in with? Well the answer is none.

Also, I'm not one for all this digitised vocals or high tech plug-ins etc that changes so much in the way you sound or come across on a recording, be it the norm or not, it's not me.

I welcome critics and believe me, I've had many, along with the haters. But my passion and love for music and song, continues to drive me on my personal journey.

And you should be the same too. DO NOT take it personal when you receive comments or suggestions from haters or critics. Stay passionate about your craft in life, no matter what it is. For if you begin to try too much to please others, you'll lose your way.

2019 has been a blessing, and I aim to be blessed further in 2020.

New Years resolutions.....I never make any.....Simple.

So be it your job, your relationship, a friendship, your family, places you want to go or to be, things you want to change or achieve, things or goals you want to acquire or obtain, just remain passionate, focused, guided and determined. And most importantly, believe in yourself and know your worth. For anything or anything below you, is not worth it. Trust.

Postivity and positive vibes and love, will always reign and conquer over everything else.

Stay strong. Love music, love songs, love life and love yourself for who you are. For nobody else on this earth, created you, so you owe nobody nothing. Live and love for your faith and you belief in life.

I am a believer in Christ, so,
Give thanks, stay blessed and God's Love.

We're Losing Another Rap Generation....

Posted on 11 December, 2019 at 13:48 Comments comments (0)
So, this it the title that fronts the headline for yet another young life in the rap industry lost. Be it through being murdered, commiting murder, drugs or other kind of violence.

What is it with the youth culture and rap, of today, that exploits and highlights such acts? It's like the new rap, is R.A.P = React and Pay.....Pay with you life. Be it your life behind bars or the killing of someone "spitting bars", or the use of bars, knives and guns....

So many lives lost and destroyed, not to mention the loved ones and families also left with the destructing pain of dealing with the aftermath.

I don't want to name, names, but I'm sure many will know of so many who have recently become victim of this R.A.P culture that is spreading at an alarming rate, quicker than the wind itself.

There are so many Rap artists out there, who are deep rooted and all about the love and peace, not the violence. Again, no names mentioned.

Seriously, what is the purpose behind it all? Why so much lack of respect for life and love itself? Why so young, yet fuelled with this hatred and passion for volumanising violence? It's not meant to be this way.

I know rap, gang culture and violence seem to go hand in hand and most see it as always being that way? But no. Take the stand, and use this platform, which is so highly followed by influential and vulnerable youngsters to educate and put them on the right path, of peace, love and unity, within a community and not one of this so-called post code territory.

It's not even a case of, what's your name, but where you're from? And if your post code isn't right, then just like undelivered mail, your life is unlikely to see or be delivered to the next day....

Music and life, is the soul. It's the butter that's put on the bread of love. It's not meant to be this sweat and sour, hate or leave it (be killed) etc.

Youngsters need guidance, but they're being guided by the young and unwise.....

Knife crime, gun crime, drug crime, manipulative crime, hate crime, jealous crime, greed crime, want crime, intimidated crime, protection crime and so on, it's all crime. And lets not forget the systematically crime, because the system also plays a huge role in what's going on and what can be prevented. Now that's getting into the politics and governing bodies involved. With all their cuts and abandonment, thier preferancial treatment of certain cultures, the education system of the less fortunate and the youngsters who may need that little extra help, the way society stereotypes certain cultures, the slavery of colour and beliefs, it all plays a part.....

In life, we need to start using music and song for more positive and educating purposes. This is a goal and aim of mine for 2020 and the New Year ahead.

How is it, nations can come together for sporting events, music events and so on, and see no colour etc amongst the crowd? Cause we're all there as one, One Nation. Remember or know that song?

I really could go on, but come on, just spread the word, spread the love and let the sweet sound and uplifting, guiding, loving and peaceful tones of harmony through the music and songs, bring us together.

Much Love and Blessings.

In Life

Posted on 19 June, 2019 at 10:57 Comments comments (0)

In Life

In life, sometimes you got to look beyond a blank screen. See the wider picture and trust in it's reflection. You don't always have to be switched on, in order to focus on.

Life has an energy that is powered from within. So even in the dark, you can see where you need to be. As being where you need to be, is not the same as being where you want to be. Step back and look at your reflection in the dark. You'll be amazed how much you can see when not blinded by confusion. Switch the channel and turn down the volume of distraction. Then you'll be able to not only see, but, hear your reflection.

#teamdrlk #inspiration #beinspired #inspirationalquotes #stayfocused #reflectionoflife #liveyourdream #life #focusonyourlife #givethanks #believeinyourself #judgenot #onessoul #love #inspired #lifeislove #loveislife #beblessed #givethanks

My Riches

Posted on 27 May, 2019 at 7:56 Comments comments (0)

My Riches

My riches will come in the afterlife. For that is where I've invested my time (life) on Earth.

So when my investment matures, the return will be my spiritual fortunes.

"Lincoln Kennedy".

I've listened to and continue to listen to songs by so many different people. To this day I feel Bob Marley has some of the deepest and most meaningful songs. The kind that takes your conscious thoughts onto a higher level.

Words of wisdom and spirituality. Mankind has become lost along the way. Misguided by the system and the human nature for want of greed and riches.

Life eternal is attained depending on how much you apply your faith and morally invest in your time on Mother Earth.

#spirituality #investmentinlife #lifethereafter #richesandfortunes #keepthefaith #knowyourdestiny #lifeisprecious #wordsofwisdom #bobmarley #conciousthoughts #mankind #earth #motherearth #Godisgreat #blessings #musicislove #lovethyGod #faith #wisdom #lifeeternal #eternallife #morals

Live life, with love

Posted on 29 July, 2017 at 18:26 Comments comments (1)
Live #Life with #Love

You have to laugh with life, cry with life, live with life, party with life, learn with life, make mistakes with life. Live #life with #love

Nuclear Bombs and War.

Posted on 18 April, 2017 at 16:51 Comments comments (90)
Nuclear Bombs and War.

I don't think I will ever understand the brutality, in-humane, selfishness, violent, mindless, greedy, soul-less, hypocritical etc and so-forth, of these insane individuals in power who spend so much of our money (through the taxes we pay etc), to build such bombs and weapons of muderous destruction. Throughout the world there are so many needy causes, people in need, worthy charities etc, but yet they will spend billions and billions on developing nuclear weapons that will and can destroy life on a worldwide muderous scale.

They talk of peace etc, but build foundations for war. And who will be the victims????

And how many of these individuals in power would be charged with murder?

And all this is over the greed of LAND. You can't even really bring religion into it, as it's all about who wants to control what part of land, who owns what, who has the right to what. So much hypocrisy.

And they think this is the kind of news people want to hear. "We've built bombs that can wipe you all out" they brag about. There is nothing sane or justifiable in building such nuclear bombs.

We've sure come a long way from bow and arrows and a little gun powder.

Live and let live, has long died. Love and peace, or war on war?

Like I said, it's something I can't get my head around. Mindless lunacy on a grand scale.

And more to the point, what gives them the right?

Sorry but seriously, the world IS big enough for all to co-exist and get along.

And poverty....when you think of all the wealth and huge amount of money spent or generated.....should not exist.

Countries governments worldwide make spending cuts on healthcare and other much need causes, yet invest and spend so much on nuclear programs and preparation for war.

America, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, China, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, France, Israel etc. Come on, Love and Peace, not War on War.

Ok, enough said.

Judge Not, The Universe is our God

Posted on 10 November, 2016 at 15:42 Comments comments (0)
"Judge Not"

The Universe is our home, our God and it's where we belong and wence we came.??

In life, people are afraid of the dark, but it's the dark that shines and shed so much light on our lives and existence. We fear the dark, as much as we fear the unknown.??

Our existence, The Universe, it's our birth-place, our creation. No matter your colour, creed, religion or beliefs, The Universe was here long before us.??Scientist have spent decades trying to understand it and they portray and translate their findings in a way humans can understand and comprehend.

Why, because scientist ARE humans, they are not or don't hold the true answers. Yes, so-called science has given understanding to us, but only because they're human.??  They use terms such as 'light' years away, when discovering planets, solar systems or stars. So like I said, "it's the dark that shines and shed so much LIGHT on our lives and existence".

As humans, can you seriously comprehend The Universe is so vast? Do you seriously think we're the ONLY ones in-habiting The Universe? If so, then we are truly the real freaks of nature.??

The majority of humans are compatriots to the realms of science, but so many still fall to the Kingdom of the Naive.??  We as humans, fear the unknown. And not just what we don't understand about our existence in life, our creation, our meaning and purpose in life. But how many of you have sat a test or exam and not been sure of the answer or not had a clue? Have you not feared the outcome of this???.  You may use a different term or word, but it's fear all the same.??

Ok, lets touch on religion and beliefs etc. And for arguments sake I'll use the term 'God'. As no matter what your faith is or where your religion lies, belivers believe in a Higher State, an Entity a Saviour or Saviours. ??  And I will quote "In the beginning, so it shall be in the end".??  Who's to say who's religion or belief, God, Gods, Jah, Allah or Saviour, Saviours, is Gospel?  The most important thing is, first, to respect anothers belief, and secondly, to believe and know The Universe came along long before man, it is the Higher State and "So it is written".??

As humans, we put our faith in humans? REALLY? WHY?  When humans came along long after the universe was formed.??  We have Politicians, Kings and Queens, Laws and Rules,  but who's at the healm of these? Is it not humans??

So as a species, a race, are we not truly weak, as we need to depend on or rely on a few individuals placed in power only to rule, bully and govern the weak???  We class or call ourselves a superior existence? We strive and preach for stability, equalness, respect and love? Yet all we want to do as a nation amongst nations is to destroy each other???

It shouldn't matter if you're black, white, hispanic, caucasian, hindu, muslim, or whatever your beliefs or religion.??  Know this, The Universe started as ONE. Yet here is mankind wanting and determined to bring divide amongst and destroy Mother Earth.??  Excuse the term, but, what has given any of us the God given right or authority to do so???  And I'll end with the simplest yet most powerful message "where is the love"?????? 

Judge Not.

Two Die As Car Hits Pedestrians In Police Chase

Posted on 31 August, 2016 at 15:42 Comments comments (0)
Police chases and the lost of life.

So through Sky News, I've just heard of the following incident in London.
Another tragic loss of innocent life, which involved a police chase.
Police chasing in-experienced drivers at high speed.
Up against, police pursuit drivers trained and experienced
in driving at high speed in dangerous situations.
It's like putting a heavy weight boxer up against a flyweight.
What odds do you think the bookies would offer on such a bout?

Now I know this is a strong subject that has gone on for years. But once again the tragic innocent loss off life strikes at the hands of a police chase. Yes criminals need to be caught, yes the police have a duty to catch criminals. But in these incidents, especially in built up areas where public people are about, going about their day, catch such criminals by way of INVESTIGATION and using the now immense advanced technology and procedures to catch such criminals.

The police forever go on about how their high pursuit officers are highly trained etc, the word here is HIGHLY. They don't need to ASSUME, as they will KNOW, whoever they are chasing at high speeds around streets etc, will NOT be highly trained. They also know their is a STRONG possibility the chase will end in the culprit being pursued, crashing. Not to mention the risk of injury or loss of life to an innocent third party.

Is it the mentality of police that, if we don't chase in an obvious dangerous situation, but catch them later, we will only be able to charge them with an offence that doesn't carry much of a long term sentence? But, if lets say, they seriously injure or kill someone during the chase, then we can charge them with that additonal offence that carries a much hefty sentence? Criminals in these circumstances will ALWAYS run, so let them run and catch them later. Justice will hunt them down until they run out of breath and get caught.

The old saying, you can run but you can't hide. I truly feel for the loss of life in this latest incident, and the shock, pain, anger, loss and all the emotions the family left behind will be dealing with. A "Lifelong" sentence, not some 3 or 5 years that will be handed down to the culprit. So, is it really worth it to chase such people at the risk of death to others????

The past is your future....Your Life.

Posted on 2 August, 2016 at 14:09 Comments comments (0)
Whatever you do today, will form the path for your day tomorrow. And whatever you did the day before, would've written your days chapter in life for today.

That is why it's important to live the current day in a way you'd like it to unfold tomorrow. Obviously they'll be the unknown that may change your future path, but it'd still have formed from the past.

Use your past as a learning curve, a tutor, a mentor, a master of wisdom, so to speak. If you ignore the past, how will you ever be in a position to move onto a better future?

Planning ahead is a great mindset to have, but sometimes you have to divert from those plans, and it's knowing when to divert and take another approach. By stubbornly sticking to a plan that has proved time and time again no to work, you'll continue to stall in reaching goals.

There's no such thing as a lucky break, no matter what anyone tells you or you believe.

And I'm not just talking about music, artists and their careers, I'm talking about life. If you don't respect, plan, appreciate and build a foundation that your life's goals can grow on, then it'll never be strong enough to hold the weight of SUCCESS.

The past is your future....Your Life.

Bless Up

Music Has Got Me Hooked

Posted on 5 August, 2015 at 17:53 Comments comments (0)

So, it's true....Music Has Got Me Hooked

So hooked it's more than in my bloodstream. So hooked, music and song is the air that I breathe. It doesn't matter how good, how bad or even how much I entertain and inspire others with the songs I write and collaborate to, music and song is just my heart and soul, my life.

You can truly get lost in music, it's like a maze of songs, with only an entry point but no exit. But you don't mind, as your happy to explore and get lost in the depths of music.

For some people who write, record and perform songs, it's all about the success it can bring them. But for me, Dr LK, I can say it's truly all about the passion and the love I have for music and song. I have no claim to fame or success in that regard or on the level so many others have attained with their music projects and career, but I so love what I do.

Working with various producers material from around the globe, facing the different challenges of what it takes to write and record to different styles and genre's of music, the end result being a complete song, a piece of music you can say you've had a part in completing.

The music albums I've recorded and released, is all about that self satisfaction and personal reward. To rise above the haters, the negative vibes and even the lack of interest from friends, family and the general public, in what you do.

Life is a chaser, you have to chase. Life is like music, with every tone, there's a different beat. Each unique in it's own merit.

This is me,Dr LK aka Lincoln Kennedy, unique in my own merit when it comes to music and song.

Whatever you're doing in life, wherever you're going, whatever you'd love to achieve, so long as it's morally right, do it with love and passion.

Success comes from within, no matter what anyone else tells you or have you believe.

I'm an independent artist, doing things the independent way, as I continue to get lost in music and song. When will I find the exit to this maze of pure music with songs from all cultures and corners of this globe? When it's my turn to depart from this world we call planet earth. Until then, both music and song is my life.